Mrs Boome's Class

Dec 12

Today we have been performing poetry and getting our tongues around the old fashioned language in Twas the Night Before Christmas..

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Dec 02

Sep 15


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Just a quick hello to say welcome to Year 3 to the Happy Hippos. I hope you enjoy looking at our blog to see what we are getting up to in our classroom! I’m very excited to be teaching such a lovely class full of enthusiastic learners!
Mrs Boome

Jun 10

We have been using talk for writing to learn the structure of a Newspaper Article. We are really good at reciting the whole article!

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Jun 07

A few top tips…

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May 16

This week we have been inspired to by Egyptian Myths and have been planning and wiriting our own. We also had a go at writing the story of Isis and Osiris in our own words and using lots of adjectives! Read the comments to enjoy our fantastic writing!

May 07

Ancient Egypt

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To start off our new topic about Ancient Egypt we practised our Atlas and Dictionary skills by finding out where in the world Egypt is and what Ancient really means. We can’t wait to find out more!

May 07

VE Day

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Before the Easter holidays we had a fantastic time celebrating the end of WW2 and the end of our topic. We made banners, bunting, party hats, buns, sandwiches and much more! We dressed up as children from the 1940’s, played tiddlywinks, hopscotch, pin the tail on the donkey and sang some 1940s songs. We felt like we were really there!



Apr 03

Mark worked really hard on our fractions challenge this week. Look at his results!


Mar 27

My work is simply super so its here,on the blog. If you like it then post a comment.

One day Charlie was walking through the forest when he heard a hideous din of snorting. He suddenly turned around and saw two ferocious eyes and then…a ravenous rhino came out of the bushes.
Charlie fled!!

Charlie zooms off while a rhino starts to rampage after him. Will they eat him? Will he have a lucky escape?

Charlie had goosebumps all over him as he thought they were gonna eat him and glistening sweat shined all over him. What shall he do?

What do you think? It’s good.